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The East Glen Park Church of Christ had its humble beginnings in July 1945 after a tent meeting under the direction of Bro. Levi Kennedy, a minister from Chicago, IL.  With ten members, Sis. Martha Curtis became one of the first members of this new congregation.  Because the church did not have a permanent meeting place, they met at storefronts and in living rooms for the next seven years.  It was during this time that the spiritual leadership was taken up by several different ministers.


In July 1952, Bro. Booker T. Martin became the first full-time minister.  He was ordained by Bro. Levi Kennedy and Bro. Norris Foulks.  At that time, the church membership had grown from ten members to twenty-five members and was then located at 2542 Tyler St., Gary, Indiana.  The church continued to grow under Bro. Martin's leadership, and because of this growth, the church family moved to 1601 Delaware Street where they remained for several years.  In spite of trials and tribulations, the Lord blessed the church and the leadership to see the need to provide and accomodate the future growth of the church.  This vision became a reality and thus was born the 21st Avenue Church of Christ.


In 1959, the 21st Avenue Church of Christ met in the basement of their new building.  This arrangement lasted for four years and the church family continued to grow.


After 41 years of service, Bro. Martin retired as the full-time minister of the 21st Avenue Church of Christ and Bro. Robert L. Holt of Detroit, Michigan was installed as the full-time minister.  In February 1998, the congregation saw a need to relocate to the Glen Park area of Gary, and was renamed the East Glen Park Church of Christ.


Under the leadership of Bro. Holt, five deacons were installed; a youth minister and an educational director were also named.  In addition, several ministries were formed to meet the needs of the church and the community:  The Canvas Ministry, "We Care" Ministry, and the Singles Ministry which includes a Prison Ministry, the Bible Correspondence Ministry, the Hospitality Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and the ministry to the Golden Living Center and Timberview nursing home.


With the grace of God, it is our prayer to continue to preach the Gospel and lead many lost souls to Christ and His Church.