East Glen Park Church of Christ's New Website

Welcome to the brand new website of the East Glen Park Church of Christ in Gary, IN! We are very excited to present it to you, church family and community members alike. This website will keep you informed of all of the latest happenings at our congregation and will also provide you with plenty of information and resources for your spiritual journey, whether you are a new convert, a seasoned saint, or even if you only have a vague notion of God and you just want more information.

We, here at the East Glen Park Church of Christ believe that God loves all of His children and that He deeply desires for us to get to know Him, to love Him, and to serve one another and the community in which we live. God loves us and commands us to love one another. So we welcome you with open arms to come and fellowship with us, and learn more about God and His purpose for our lives.

To that effect, this website details our meeting times, upcoming events, and information about each of our ministries and the role that they play in doing the will of God. This blog will also provide event updates and helpful messages that will hopefully lead you into a desire to study the Word of God and apply it to your life.

We welcome any questions or comments that you may have. Have a blessed day!

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