2016 Black History Program

On March 2, 2016 the Singles Ministry hosted this year's Black History program. Light refreshments were served before the program began. We appreciate the good food by EJean Sanders, Helen Griffin and the Singles’ Ministry. Originally scheduled for February 24, the program was postponed due to weather conditions.

The theme of the event was "Yes, we can. Yes we did!" The program centered on the accomplishments of the nation's first Black president, Pres. Barack Obama. The Singles ministry did a fantastic job at creating a timeline of President Obama’s achievements for the last eight years.

Louis Sylos and Brandon Griffin were terrific as President and Mrs. Obama. Brandon even worked on his vocal impression of President Obama and performed it quite well. Robert Wilson delivered a condensened version of Pres. Obama;s 2008 victory speech, reminding us that "This is our time. This is our moment." Gloria Wilson was a radio broadcaster detailing events that threatened to end his presidency. The audience truly enjoyed her performance.

The Singles' Ministry closed out their performance with Davonna Griffin, Nancy Crawley, and Meola Wilson playing citizens thanking the president for the laws that he has passed that have positively impacted their lives.

Also on program was Jessica Vales who has a beautiful singing voice. Jalen Wilson re-created George Washington Carver and, Nancy Crawley and Herman McKissack were the best dressed male and female in African attire.

Thank you to the Singles Ministry for putting togther such a wonderful, education, and enjoyable program. Thank you to those who came out and celebrated with us, and we look forward to next year's program.


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