God's Dirty Business

On Sunday, July 27, 2014, Bro. A.C. Chrisman visited the East Glen Park Church of Christ and shared with us a word from the Lord. He spoke to us about "God's Dirty Business." The following are some key points from his message.

The work that we need to be engaged in is not in the house; it is on the outside.

Sometimes we expect the preacher to do all the work, the scripture tells us that His job is to equip the church to do the work.

The wayside ground has not been broken and has not been prepared to receive the seed.

The stony ground could be productive, but there are too many stones, preventing the seed from taking root.

The thorny ground chokes out the crop when it starts to grow. The crop could grow stronger and more plentiful if not for the thorns.

We must be on guard to prevent the enemy from sowing tares in the field. But if some tares spring up, we cannot pull them up. Pulling up tares is not our business; that is God's dirty business. If we try to up root the tares, we risk damaging the whole crop. God will separate the two at harvest time.

So we need to examine ourselves to make sure that our hearts are prepared to receive the word of God. We also need to examine our own lives to guard against those who would sow tares in our hearts.

Bro. A.C. Chrisman

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