Moving Forward While Holding On

The Christian Perspective:

Moving Forward while Holding On


Let Go, Trust God, and Keep Moving

February 25, 1964, 50 years ago, in Miami Florida, a man name Cassius Clay, the underdog, fought a heavy weight bout and won by a knockout. This fight was not just any fight; it went down in history as the day that Mohammad Ali “SHOOK UP THE WORLD” How big was it you ask? This dethroning was so huge, Cassius Clay changed his name to Mohammad Ali.

Moving Forward While Holding On vs. Let Go, Trust God, and Keep Moving, may not be the heavy weight bout of the century, it may not make history, but this is a big one for some Christians. Yes, family, this one is designed to work on you, pound for pound!

How often do we want something, or someone, to be ours until the end? We’ve create memories,

and we reflect, we’ve set dates, and we reflect, we’ve made plans that did not pan out, and we reflect, we grasp on to the familiarities and hold tight to the absolute peace of the past. That peace we now question if it was ever peace to begin with.

We’ve had family pioneers who have achieved major accomplishments in their time and have now passed and it’s hard to let go. We know grieving is a part of the healing process and it is ok to be sad and it’s ok to cry out but, keep in mind, life goes on and we could very well miss out on many precious moments with people that are still alive and want to share with us their love. We do not want to miss out on a new thing that God wants to do for us in our lives by holding on to the old.

How many of us have had that job position we dreamed of and lost it, but have not let go of the reasons why. Some of us have regrets for decision that were made maybe out of haste, perhaps without going to our God in prayer to seek His will as scriptures have advised us to do. The more we involve our Savior in every aspect of our lives the more evidence we see of His presence, grace, and mercies. The more we Let go to God the more we can Trust Him and Keep it moving. When we do these three things we will be less likely to suffer from cuts, bumps and bruises, jabs and apparent injuries, headaches and heartaches even less likely to receive a technical knockout.

All through the word of God, precious promises has He made to his people reminding us that He is with us during our time of affliction, whatever it may be. Letting Go, Trusting God and Keeping it Moving may be an affliction for someone, but just know that God is God all by Himself and we are His workmanship, created by Him unto good works. We have been redeemed by the blood of His Son and He would not forsake the work of His own hands. Even when we are not good to ourselves, God’s goodness and mercy shines through like the sun through a thick dark cloud. He has a special interest in us and desires to do a new thing in us.

There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but we have to go on. When we Let Go, Trust

God and Keep it Moving we are moving towards His glory. Perhaps the Savior wants us to keep allowing ourselves to be moved; to be moved by love, not by heartache and hatred, to be moved by life, not by death and destruction, to be moved by truth, not manipulation and untruths, to be moved by selflessness, not self-righteousness, to be moved by emptying of our own desires, and be filled with the Love only Christ the deliverer can pour into us. To be moved by the Peace that passes all understanding. Let Go, Trust God and Keep Moving so we can experience all of the unfathomable absolute awesomeness, which God has planned for our lives!

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