The Intersection

When driving to a destination have you ever found yourself at an intersection and did not know what to do? What if there were no traffic signals to tell you how to proceed, do you stop? Does the cross traffic stop? Do you yield to the right away? Do you proceed with caution? What happens when another vehicle approaches the intersection at the same time? What if the crossroads are roads of equal importance? Who has the right of way? What is the procedure?

Crossing some intersections in life have been proven to be dangerous. If we are not gifted with the right tools we could lose a lot. Let be real, we are no longer adolescents taking a chance on steeling the cookies from the cookie jar or going to the playground after being told by our parents not to go. When we make wrong decisions it can cause us to lose our position in our home life, in our career, in our community, it can even cost us our life, which in turn will cost us our soul. Good decision making is a practice and a procedure that we should not take lightly. We should approach each decision with great respect and concern. Our character appears in the choices we make. In addition to that, the promotion of our faith is manifested in all that we do and say, even more so when we arrive at life’s intersections.

Hopefully this series will shine a light on some very real and important crossroads in life for us to examine. I pray this series will instruct us on how to proceed when crossing these intersections. I pray it will guild us to first and foremost pause and humbly approach the throne of Grace and ask God for wisdom & knowledge, something scripture tells us that God gives to all men freely.

James 1:5, 6 - "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."

When God has put us in a place of responsibility, leadership, in a prominent place or even in the minuet of places, it is a wise choice for the children of God to ask God for Wisdom and Knowledge to do what is expected of us. There are always going to be decisions to make, intersection to cross and we should want to please God with our choices. It’s always a blessing to have someone in your life that will give you godly advice upon request, when faced with intersections of life.

2 Chronicles 1:1-12 tells us about King Solomon, David’s son. More specifically it tells how God put Solomon over Israel and made Solomon their King and Israel obeyed him. I can only imagine how huge this task could have been and how dauntingly heavy the responsibility would be to be put over a nation. King Solomon was faced with insurmountable decisions to make regarding God’s people, many intersections to cross. Nevertheless King Solomon asked God for Wisdom and Knowledge to govern over His people. Scripture say’s God was with him and God magnified him exceedingly.

What would you finish well in your lifetime, if you knew infallibly that God was with you? Would you be willing to say you could accomplish great things, knowing that God was with you?

How important would you say you are in God’s eyes? Whatever you have in you, are you willing to consecrate that gift to the glory of God? Would everyone you encountered at each intersection in life know of your faith? The things you do and say does it promote our Lord and Savior? Or would it be to your glory or your benefit?

In the next couple of lessons let’s devote ourselves to the practice of paying more attention to each intersection in our lives, making sure to see the beauty in each opportunity to share godly Love, the love that God has for His children. Let’s make certain that at each intersection we promote the peace, the forgiveness, the grace, the longsuffering, the kindness, the joy, and most of all the love that Jesus Christ has so graciously shown the world.

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