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Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought out the best in Christians in Texas, Florida and beyond who are serving victims with love and compassion. From organizing a “Hurricane Bucket Challenge” to feeding 5,000. Churches of Christ are finding creative ways to help after Harvey and Irma.

As Hurricane Irma roared through Florida, dozens sought safety inside the Gulf Coast Church of Christ in Fort Myers. For about five hours on a Sunday afternoon, the crowd sat, listening to the roar of the wind as the eye of the storm passed right over them. “Stuff was flying around and hitting,” Stephen Caldwell, associate minister for the church told the Christian Chronicle.

The winds were blowing rain sideways, forcing it into the building through any crack it could find. As the waters crept in, people from the church and community worked together to clean up. When the rain passed and the winds calmed, the crowd that had gathered inside the church building went outside where they found power lines down and tree limbs scattered throughout the area. Many found themselves stuck in traffic for hours or without enough gas to get out of the way of the storm.

The work to clean up was quickly moving ahead, and the church in Fort Myers believe Florida will be able to recover quickly. Most residents said of all the hurricanes hitting the area in the past, this storm was the most severe.

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